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Wishlist! getting the materialism out of the way.

here's the start of my wishlist, i'll add as things occur to me. (this is because too many people have been asking what i want. :P)

-any actual Epica cds ('cause i like owning the music i like)
-any Nightwish cds
-the Kamleot cds The Expedition, The Fourth Legacy, or Siege Perilous
-any other merchandise from these three bands
-um...what else...
-and Buck 65 cd's
-Fantastic Four dvd
-GITS:SAC special edition dvds vol 5 and on
-any of the LOTR figure Gift Sets,except for the Helm's Deep set(got it already)
-any LOTR merchandise
-Soul Calibur 3(ps2)
-Guitar Hero(ps2)
-and as always, anything Sailor Moon
-sushi themed things
-any ff8, ffx, and ffx-2 stuff
and anything else you crazy people can think of. now noone can say they didn't know what i wanted, bwahaha
EDIT: added and removed stuff
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